What is our Aim?

The resort is at a height of 1800m from sea level. It almost feels like an unchartered territory looking at it from a Tourism standpoint. Why? Simply Because it feels unique knowing you feel you are away from the city, yet you are only a mere 17 km away from it.

The Tamang people are the inhabitants of this region. For tourists coming into visit the area, the resort is an ideal place to stay because of two main reasons.

Firstly, the hospitality that we offer is a synergy between the raw and virgin environment of the place. The view of the three main cities of the valley is also a major attraction, a sight only a few resorts in and around the valley can boast about.

Secondly, the resort is run by an expert team of individuals who have been in the industry for over a decade. So, when you visit Kot Danda, you feel like you are away from the humdrum of the city in a peaceful location, but you still get the feeling that you are connected to the natural beauty of the place and the local people.

Since agriculture is the main occupation of the people in this area, we make sure we house all their produce. A business model that helps the local farmers build a strong agro-economic model and helps us serve our guests the locally grown organic produce.

Our Future Plan