How to reach kot danda? – KOT DANDA AGRO RESORT PVT LTD

How to reach kot danda?

The resort is a mere 17 km from the “Ring-Road”. The Chapagaon dobato is the section from where you can take your vehicle up to the resort. Public transportations are also available up to Tika Bhairav.

You can choose to hike the last 10 mins of the journey by using the local’s walking route. You can also drive straight to the resort through the beautiful, winding route through the hills.

Kot Danda has access to a gravelled road.

Bikes, scooter and private vehicles easily can be reached easily. Cycling can be an adventurous means to travel to Kot Danda with steep slopes and rough terrain at some places. You need to take backup supplies for possible maintenance on the way into the forest. If you are hiking, It takes around 2 hours to reach here from Tika Bhairav. In this case, you need to make sure you carry some food and water. For safety, keep a lighter and a paper within reach.

We have ample parking space for all our guests. We can host up to 50 two-wheelers and 10 four-wheelers.